The Ford Bronco Is Coming Back in 2018

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First produced in 1966, the Bronco is one of Ford’s best-known models. Yet the American public hasn’t seen a new generation since 1996. That is, until now. The Detroit automaker just announced its plans to revive the legendary model, releasing a series of images showing the new design. And with the outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing jobs becoming a hot topic in the presidential race, the automaker made a point to note that the all-new Ford Bronco will be made in Michigan. The company’s announcement, which had been rumored for years, is part of Ford’s commitment to invest $9 billion in U.S. plants and to create or retain more than 8,500 jobs within a new four-year contract with the United Automobile Workers union. Of that, $4.8 billion will go to 11 facilities in Michigan.

Looking at the numbers, it makes sense that Ford would update its iconic truck now. Competitors to the Bronco, such as the Jeep Wrangler, have been seeing a recent surge in sales, due largely to lower gas prices. Although we don’t know too many specifics about the new Ford Bronco 4×4, it’s expected to be on the road by 2018.