Halloween Floor Decoration Guide

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In the last several decades, Halloween décor has evolved from the simple carved pumpkin and a couple of candles to multiple trends in spooky house accessories, by a Hygge Halloween to rustic chic, conventional gothic to cutesy’spoopy’! Inhabiting each room of the home is becoming as prevalent here as it is in America and for anybody throwing a party it’s an absolute must! However, if — like us — you don’t want your Halloween tricks and treats to haunt you for weeks ahead, try our favorite ideas for decorations that won’t leave a lasting impression in your lovely carpets!
Floors Your Guests
If you’re having a haunted house this Halloween, remember the flooring! Walking on an irregular surface or pattern really can impact our perception of our environment, therefore decorating your flooring is a great way to scare your visitors! Optical illusion floors are very popular with street artists, but how about getting a decal decal for your floor? Envision this scary shark optical illusion at a bathroom!
Picture this being the floor in your bathroom!Reform FlooringFloor Decor for Halloween!

Reform FlooringFloor Decor

Don’t forget the stairs!
We love the simple silhouettes on the stairs with mice running between cartoon like mouse holes — but this crafty DIY might easily be adapted to suit your theme. Cut out shapes from black card and stick using double sided tape for an effective addition to your décor which will not harm your stairs.
Simple and easy to DIY, cut silhouettes and Adhere to the staircase. . how about zombie mice?Reform Flooring Floor Decor for Halloween!
Tape and Chalk
Another simple DIY that won’t leave a lasting impression — cassette! Use duct tape around the home to sketch out cobwebs and spiders, or at small lit regions utilize tape around the edges of rooms to modify the form of the space. For a more chilling approach, use white or chalk tape to draw the outline of a human body and turn a space into a crime scene.