Houzz Call: Tell Us About Your Bathroom Remodel!

Bathrooms are among the most popular rooms to renovate, behind only kitchens, according to Houzz research. But the costs for revamping these important spaces can vary widely, depending on factors including the size of the room, the finishes selected, and the cost of labor and materials in the area.

The average cost of a major remodel of a large bathroom (100 square feet or greater) was $25,600 in 2015. Only 3 percent of Houzz readers recently surveyed about their master bathroom renovation projects spent $2,500 or less. Another 3 percent spent $75,000 or more. Everybody else — or 94 percent of respondents — fell between those two figures.

Homeowners, please tell us: How did you upgrade your bathroom, and how much did it cost?

How People Upgrade Their Main Bathrooms, and How Much They Spend

Contemporary Bathroom by Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc.

Carriage Lane Design-Build Inc.

The most common spending level for a master bathroom remodel was $10,001 to $25,000. That’s the spending range for about 42 percent of Houzzers who recently completed renovations, according to recent data.

Simply not being able to stand the old bathroom any longer was the top reason cited by nearly half of Houzz readers for renovating their main bathrooms.

What about your remodel? Please share your before-and-after photos in the Comments and tell us about your project.

How People Upgrade Their Main Bathrooms, and How Much They Spend

Faucets, wall paint and flooring are among the most common master bath upgrades. Was that true for your project?

Traditional Bathroom by Clay Construction Inc.

Clay Construction Inc.

We’d love to see your before-and-afters: Please upload photos of your bathroom renovation in the Comments below, telling us what you are happiest about and what your project cost. Your makeover could appear in an upcoming series of bathroom before-and-after stories on Houzz!

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