Tile Style: Beautiful Beach-Glass Blues for the Bath

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One step inside these 13 bathrooms and it’s hard not to think of waves and cool, splashing water. If that’s a scene you’d love to enjoy every day, maybe consider beach glass blue tile for your next bath remodel. Take a break from the summer heat, reminisce on your last beach day and wade through these images. Then let us know in the Comments which one is your favorite.

Transitional Bathroom by Fay Markopoulou Interiors

Fay Markopoulou Interiors

1. Wooden beauty in a sea of blue. The wood-sided tub floats along a sea of light blue tile in this London bathroom by Fay Markopoulou Interiors. The slight color variation on each tile gives the illusion of gently flowing water.

Contemporary Bathroom by SHED Architecture & Design

SHED Architecture & Design

2. Turquoise surround. Two shower heads emerge from a wall of long, glass tiles. The relaxation doesn’t stop there in this serene wet room in San Francisco by SHED Architecture & Design. The wooden door on the right leads to a sauna, and a wooden tub sits across from the shower heads.

Tile: Lunada Bay

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Transitional Bathroom by Hills & Grant

Hills & Grant

3. Easy, breezy backsplash. Four rows of blue-gray tiles create a dreamy backsplash in this California bathroom by Hills & Grant. The design team especially loved the reflective quality of the glossy tile, which gives the room a little sparkle, says Kris Foss, owner of Hills & Grant.

And if you look closely at the reflection in the mirror, you can see that the design team continued the watery tile trend in the shower. These cheerful blue shades counterbalanced the dark cabinets, Foss says, and made the kids’ bathroom a little less serious.

Backsplash tile: 2-by-4-inch rectangle, Dream in gloss, Earthenware Elements Field, Ann Sacks; shower tile: Swiss Cross, Gotham Field tile, Ann Sacks

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Traditional Bathroom by Carolyn Reyes

Carolyn Reyes

4. Retro Hollywood. The square blue-green tiles instantly grab your attention, but it’s the details that really make this Los Angles home a retro, beachy gem. A thin trim of vines and florals flows between the top rows of square tiles and combines the colorful and black tile in one small space. The rest of the room sticks to a white-and-silver palette, letting the tile be the focal point.

Contemporary Bathroom by Veronica Rodriguez Interior Photography

Veronica Rodriguez Interior Photography

5. Masterful mix. Small and large tiles cover the walled surfaces of this London bathroom, and each tile gives off a vibrant turquoise glow. The small tiles, in a mix of greenish hues, cover the vanity that houses the toilet’s plumbing, sink and shelves for extra towels. To the right, large-format tiles create a colorful showering space. Look into the vanity mirror and you can see that another, more textured, tile fills the wall across the room.

Tile: Ewall in petroleum green, Atlas Concorde

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Transitional Bathroom by In:Style Direct - Hi-quality Furnishing Solutions

In:Style Direct – Hi-quality Furnishing Solutions

6. Basket of blues. At least four colors of blue subway tile are scattered across the main surfaces in this London bath. The mix of tiles, all with a bright white grout, gives this room a calm, clean feel.

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Beach Style Bathroom by Niessen


7. Glossy-tile goals. These statement-making tiles have even more of an impact when they cover an entire room. This is the type of space that will have you reminiscing about a great vacation and wanting to turn on a beachy tune while you bathe under a rain shower head.

Beach Style Bathroom by Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins, Inc.

Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins, Inc.

8. Mermaid masterpiece. Arched tiles create a scaly pattern up the side of this tub that calls to mind a fish or the tail of a mermaid. The design team at Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins took that watery look to the next level by covering the walls in a pale blue tile and finishing it off with a thin line of bright blue near the top of the shower wall.

Tile: Tileshop

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Beach Style Bathroom by Simone Perra

Simone Perra

9. Ocean swim. When you walk from the beach out into the water, the water beneath you gets cooler and darker in appearance. The design of this Italian bathroom mimics that look, with dark blue tiles on the floor and starting up the wall, followed by a swath of light blue tiles. The design team finished off the tiled spaces with a textured trim.

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Contemporary Bathroom by Paskoski Construction

Paskoski Construction

10. Peaceful reflections. Large, reflective tiles help bring the sun and views into this Miami bathroom by Paskoski Construction and designer John Barman. The 12-by-24-inch tiles cover every inch of wall space, including inside the shower. The room is anchored by a reflective tub that’s perfect for soaking and taking in ocean views.

Tile: LA Leaf Silver, Artistic Tile

Industrial Bathroom by Domus Nova

Domus Nova

11. Under the sea. This room almost feels like it’s under water. Its wall of deep blue tile glimmers in the natural light. The antiqued faucets and rack of plants reinforce the underwater look.

Tile: Marrakech Designs

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Asian Bathroom by Sheila Say

Sheila Say

12. Shimmering stream. A strip of tiny blue tiles creates a stream across this Vancouver sanctuary. The flowing water look is amplified by the fact that the tub water literally flows from the blue tiled wall.

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Contemporary Bathroom Contemporary Bathroom

13. Rippled wall. The added texture on these long, vibrant tiles makes it look like a wall of rippling water. Each oval impression adds interest to the space and gives it a fun, modern feel.

Your turn: Which beach glass blue bathroom was your favorite? Tell us in the Comments!