Houzz Call: Show Us Your Clever Small Kitchen

Here on Houzz we see a lot of kitchens that are larger than the average apartment in New York City. While they can offer great inspiration in terms of color, materials, storage solutions and more, their layouts and size may not be relatable to everyone. So, Houzzers, if you have a small alcove or galley kitchen that works well for you, please share your photos and advice in the Comments!

Scandinavian Kitchen by Stylingbolaget


Key features. What kinds of elements make your kitchen work? Do you have small appliances? Perhaps you have a small refrigerator and hit the market almost every day?

Contemporary Kitchen by PlaidFox Studio

PlaidFox Studio

Layout and design. How do you work in your small kitchen? Can more than one person be in it without their bumping into each other? Is anything purely decorative allowed in there? Has a favorite color, countertop material or tile helped you to love the space?

Contemporary Kitchen by Martins Camisuli Architects

Martins Camisuli Architects

Keeping it neat. What kinds of storage solutions have you found work best for you? Those with small kitchens have to carefully curate anything that goes into it, so what kinds of items have you found you can live without? Which are the most important to you? What gets to stay out on the limited countertop space?

Let’s all learn from one another and share how we function in a compact kitchen. And please post photos if you have them — your photos and advice may wind up in a future Houzz story.

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