8 Ways to Enhance a Compact Entry

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Your entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home. Even in the tightest of spaces, it’s a good opportunity to add function and express yourself with flooring and rugs, wallpaper, artwork, mirrors, light fixtures, coat racks, benches, hooks, and well-placed small-scale furniture. Have a look at these ideas, then tell us how you’ve personalized your entryway.

Transitional Entry by Simply Home Decorating

Simply Home Decorating

1. Add a statement coat rack. A sculptural tree silhouette fills this space beautifully while providing plenty of room for scarves, hats, bags and coats. It’s a minimalist move that works.

The natural slate tile floor adds texture and defines the entry. It’s also durable enough to stand up to high traffic and snowy boots.

Scandinavian Entry by RICCO STYLE Interior Design

RICCO STYLE Interior Design

2. Tuck away furniture. A glass console table takes up little visual space while providing a handy surface in this entry. The clear table allows the custom bench to be the star, its colorful serape upholstery setting the tone for the home. It can be pulled out with ease for putting on or taking off shoes and tucked out of the way underneath the table when not in use.

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Eclectic Entry by KMSalter Design

KMSalter Design

3. Go narrow. This tidy cabinet, only 8⅝ inches deep, has tilt-out drawers that hold eight pairs of shoes. The top provides a handy spot for keys and mail.

Cabinet: Hemnes, Ikea

Eclectic Entry by KMSalter Design

KMSalter Design

Designer Krista Salter swapped out the hardware to add a playful touch to the cabinet. A coat rack mirror can hold hats, scarves and jackets, and it allows for one last face check before walking out the door.

Contemporary Entry by Kaplan Thompson Architects

Kaplan Thompson Architects

4. Max out the wall space. This birch installation creates a functional art piece on the wall. By incorporating wooden dowels, it serves as a long coat rack.

Eclectic Entry by Avocado Sweets Design Studio

Avocado Sweets Design Studio

5. Infuse it with personality. In this London entry, the designers glued the pages of vintage magazines to the walls and covered them in a clear varnish. If you try this as a DIY project and the quality of the paper is delicate, you can use color copies of the pages.

If you have an older home, consider using issues published the same year that your house was built.

Contemporary Entry by Dulux Paint

Dulux Paint

6. Look up. If you’re lacking in any clear floor space, make a statement with a bold light fixture or artwork. In this home, white walls, trim and ceiling are punctuated by bright color, setting a lively tone for visitors.

Farmhouse Entry by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

7. Welcome with a rug. This lovely area rug is just the first dash of red people will see at this house, both inside and out. When choosing a rug for an entryway, be sure to pick something that can take a beating from high traffic and dirty shoes, and use a carpet liner to keep it from sliding around.

Eclectic Entry by Meghan Carter Design Inc.

Meghan Carter Design Inc.

8. Spread out. Here we have a separate entry vestibule just inside the front door marked by cheery wallpaper and a checkered floor. A simple coat rack keeps current outerwear right next to the door. But there was no need to cram everything in here …

Eclectic Living Room by Meghan Carter Design Inc.

Meghan Carter Design Inc.

… because the vestibule is located off a longer narrow hallway. The designers made the most of this adjacent space, centering a console table that serves as a landing zone under a window and placing a mirror next to it.

Exiting is a little procession: Grab the keys, check your hairdo and don your coat while walking toward the door (or vice versa when entering the home).

Show us: What touches have you added to your entry for a pleasing look and more function? Please show us in the Comments!

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