White Slipcovers for Pure Practicality

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Many people would regard a white couch as an impractical choice, and if it is an upholstered model, they’d be right: The poor snow-hued sofa will likely look dingy before its time. However, if that sofa has a slipcover in a machine-washable fabric, it might be the most practical choice of all.

That’s right, a white sofa can be easy to maintain.

Fans of white slipcovers know that white is secretly easy to keep pristine. As Shabby Chic founder Rachel Ashwell once told Victoria magazine, “White denim is great when your children are young, and as they get older you can change to white linen. White is always good, as it can be bleached.” That’s right, the not-so-secret weapon is bleach.

Whether you purchase a piece of furniture with a white slipcover or you add one to an older piece, a white slipcover is a classic look that spans many decorating styles. Slipcovers aren’t just for the sofa either: Dining room chairs, headboards and other upholstered pieces can also benefit from a slipcover. Here are 12 rooms to inspire you to give white slipcovers a try.

Shabby-chic Style Family Room by Dreamy Whites

Dreamy Whites

Would you guess that this living room belongs to a mother of five who lives on a horse ranch? Maria of the blog Dreamy Whites has figured out that white is a practical choice for homes with kids.

Traditional Living Room by Amoroso Design

Amoroso Design

This living room by Amoroso Design showcases two styles of slipcovers: The sofa and easy chair have covers that touch the floor, concealing the pieces’ legs. Meanwhile, the armchair beside the fireplace is outfitted in a short cover that shows off its slender legs.

Traditional Sunroom by Olga Adler

Olga Adler

White is even a good choice for an indoor-outdoor space like this sunroom by Olga Adler — just be sure to make family members remove muddy shoes.

Contemporary Living Room by Studio Marcelo Brito

Studio Marcelo Brito

If you worry that white will look too stark, take a cue from Marcelo Brito Design, who jazzed up a pair of chairs with white slipcovers using matching patterned throws. The look is casual yet coordinated.

Shabby-chic Style Living Room by Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

A white sofa doesn’t have to mean a lack of color. This vibrant room by Tamar Shechner proves that a collection of colorful throw pillows can make even the snowiest sofa look festive.

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Rustic Living Room by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

If you opt for white-covered pieces, you can still warm things up in winter. This living room by Bosworth Hoedemaker shows how a few cozy textiles can give ivory-hued pieces a warm, autumnal look.

Shabby-chic Style Dining Room by A Beach Cottage

A Beach Cottage

White slipcovers are an easy way to give a breezy feel to your dining room in warmer months. This white-on-white space belongs to Sarah of the blog A Beach Cottage.

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Transitional Dining Chairs by IKEA


Henriksdal Chair – Blekinge White, Birch – $89.99 

Love the look of Sarah’s beach cottage dining room? Borrow her style with the Henriksdal chair by Ikea with the Blekinge white slipcover option.

Mediterranean Dining Room Contemporary Dining Room

In this country-cute dining room, a set of rounded-back dining chairs have slipcovers with short casings. Short casings are a playful way to change up your dining room without having to change the furniture.

Farmhouse Bedroom by Van Wicklen Design

Van Wicklen Design

While an easy chair in a bedroom is likely to get less wear and tear than one in a family room, white denim is still a smart choice for a child’s room. Here an ottoman and a chair are both sheathed in feminine pleated covers.

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Transitional Bedroom Contemporary Bedroom

In this elegant bed chamber, a white-covered loveseat sits at the foot of a dramatic bed. When choosing drapes for a canopy-style bed, be sure to choose a machine-washable fabric.

Eclectic Kids by Tracery Interiors

Tracery Interiors

Headboards are another piece of furniture that can be given the slipcover treatment. In this cute bedroom by Tracery Interiors, each twin bed has a simple headboard with a white slipcover for a casual, crisp finish.

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