Ideas for Making Headboards

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In the olden times, beds were used more as a necessity than luxury. When the British started to rule the world, they had a unique style of decorating things, which they left in all the colonies. This was called the Victorian style of bedroom furniture designing, and it is still very famous because of the typical manner of styling things. One such art form, they left behind was the idea of attaching an upright panel to the head of the bed. Many people used them just for comfort while sitting on the bed, but later, these too became an element of elegant bedroom decorations.

These are available in traditional and contemporary designs. These are also designed depending upon the materials used to make the beds and the preferred style. Mentioned below are a few great ideas, so you can choose your favorites from them.


With various materials like wood, wrought iron, leather, etc., there are many unique ideas, that one can come up with. The best part about them is that you can style them in absolutely any design and color so that you can match them with either your beds, wall colors, or bedroom interiors. You could go for the inexpensive and reasonable ones to custom-made luxurious designs. Therefore, if you are someone who wouldn’t mind styling your bedroom and bed with a touch of elegance, you can use these ideas to make these on your own.

Tufted Upholstered Design
These impart a very stylish and luxurious look. The tufted ones look better than the normal upholstered ones. They come in lovely colors, which can match your room interiors. No matter how they are shaped, the padded ones are great choices in terms of look, comfort, and durability. If you want to find these for king size beds, upholstered ones can be very attractive choices. These designs also come in various material coverings like leather and fabric. Though the leather gives it a very rich look, the fabric fills in for a more comfortable and cozy appearance.

Wooden Designs
The ones made from wood look very attractive with carvings on and around them. These are the true Victorian styled boards that are used for larger sized beds. They also come in different shapes and sizes, with padded coverings wherever required. They differ in height as well to make them look very luxurious. Since they are polished, almost all colors of the bedding materials go with them. Maintenance is also not an issue as you can clean them whenever you see dust accumulating. They are perfect for queen size beds, which are larger than the usual sizes. Thus, they look grand on the queen size bed frames.

Leather Designs
Leather was the look of the 1970s, which has still not lost its charm. These look great on any type of bed. They can be added as padded stuffing with leather coverings. Mixing elements like wood, leather, iron, vinyl, etc., can lead to the formation of unique and beautiful designer headboards. Since they are associated with the retro styles of furniture, the ones made from leather can be either flat leather or in the form of tufted upholstered ones. But no matter how they are, this form of leather furniture looks very posh and royal, with a tinge of class to it.

With these great choices, you can pick any of these ideas which suit your bed and bedroom. So, make your bed look as royal as you can, because sleeping on a luxurious bed is always worth an experience.