Headboard Ideas for Girls

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Decorating a girl’s bedroom is easy, but making an ordinary bed look spectacular is a bit difficult. In such cases, headboards are quite useful. Some beds have a design where the headboards are a part of the bed. Here, you can easily modify and decorate them to suit your style. However, if the bed does not have one attached to it, then you can be quite creative and come up with unique ideas of your own. You can choose different materials and accessories to make it interesting.

Upholstered Headboards

These allow many options in terms of designs since you can choose any fabric pattern you like. If your daughter likes a particular cartoon character or theme, then you can get one upholstered in that particular fabric. You can also get some felt, cut it into different shapes, and then make it into a patchwork which can then be sewn onto the headboard. It can also be done in fabric using a variety of materials ranging from cotton, linen, taffeta, to velvet. For older daughters, you can choose a luxurious, heavy satin or velvet fabric in jewel tones. This works quite well.

Unique Headboards

One unique idea is to purchase a wooden door from any home improvement center, and then give it a fresh coat of paint in a bright color. Place this door across the wall, and then place the bed touching it. This one-of-a-kind door headboard is sure to appeal young girls. If the existing bed comes with a wooden headboard, then just create scalloped edges at the top with a saw, and sandpaper them to get rid of any rough edges. Now, paint this in a neutral color and add colorful stickers to it. This is one of the most cost-effective ideas which also makes for a great bedroom d├Ęcor. Another great idea is to purchase mini adhesive tiles and stick them in a beautiful pattern over a wooden or metallic headboard. These tiles are not very expensive and are available in any good hardware store.

If you have some old picket fences in your garden shed, then attach them side by side with super glue and paint them in white color. This charming picket fence headboard design will be very appealing to college going girls. Attach a folding screen to the wall behind the bed to have an instant headboard, decorate it with ribbons and silk flowers to give a garden-like effect. Twin headboards work if you have a queen-sized bed. If you are creatively inclined, then stenciling a pattern into a wooden one can make it look as good as new. You can create your own stencils or download them online. Placing an artist’s canvas behind the bed can also work if the dimensions of the bed and canvas match. The canvas can be decorated by painting it with acrylic or metallic colors.

Headboards are a great way to make even the most simple-looking beds unique. Try to use colorful fabrics and creative patterns while making and decorating one for a girl’s room.