Cheap and Easy Headboard Ideas

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What’s the first thing you notice when you enter a bedroom? If you think that it’s just one answer, then I might have to disagree here. The point is, whenever we enter the bedroom, or any other room for that matter, there always is a focal point that attracts our eyes to it. Same goes for the bedroom, where more often than not, a bed becomes an interesting focal point. But just a tidy bed with clean sheets isn’t enough as it doesn’t really give the bedroom any depth. And this is where headboards come in. Headboards act as anchors to your bed and they can also give you various ideas on how to decorate and/or color coordinate the entire room. Now not every bed comes with a headboard, and that can be an issue if you wish to change the look of the bedroom. So to help you with inexpensive options to transform your bedroom, we have some headboard ideas given in this article. Take a look.

Budget-friendly Ideas for Headboards

Now even though you have a headboard over your bed, you can try any of the following cheap and easy headboard ideas we have mentioned below and give your bedroom a creative look. All you require is a little bit of creativity and the help of this article.

Array of Memories
For the first of our easy headboard design ideas, you can try hanging pictures in a various manner. One thing you can do is take black and white frames and place colorful pictures of loved ones, yourself, nature, and/or some pictures which you might have clicked. Another idea is to take dark brown frames of the same size and place black and white pictures. You can either follow a theme like plants, flowers, birds, or something abstract that will grab attention of anyone who comes in the room. Hang these frames in a straight line, make 2-3 rows out of them, or place them diagonally. Whichever way you want to arrange the frames, the entire room is going to get a new, vibrant look.

Hanging Drapes
If you want to add color in your bedroom, then you need a sari. Indian women drape saris and this piece of clothing can be used to make a headboard for your bedroom. Let me explain to you how. First, you need to go shopping and find a sari that you like. Choose from a range of colors and pick one that catches your eye. For this headboard, you will also require a curtain rod. Depending on the size of your bed, purchase a curtain rod and secure it over your bed. Leave enough space on top of the bed so that once the sari is hung from the rod, the pattern, design, and color can be seen. In the end, all you have to do is hang the sari from the curtain rod and enjoy your new bedroom look.

Lovely Cushions
Next, we will require about 4 to 9 colorful cushions. Depending on the width of your bed, you can purchase cushions of the same size. Make sure you choose pastel colors and some cushions that have prints on them like flowers, leaves, or some abstract design. Instead of the cushions, you can even get panels which are wrapped with batting and have good fabrics. To hang the cushions or panels in place, use appropriate sized nails. You can either hang them close to one another or at specific distance just over the bed. If you are using cushions, then your headboard actually becomes useful and decorative.

Fabricated Windows
For this next headboard idea, you will have to do some research and find 2 or 3 long windows. Also, get colorful fabric from a craft store. Remove the glass from the windows and measure each frame in the windows so that you can cut the exact length of fabric. Glue the fabric at the back of the windows and leave them to dry completely. Insert nails on the wall over your bed so that you can hang the windows. Make sure that the windows are centered properly with the bed or it might just throw off the entire look. When you use different fabric designs, you give the headboard a unique yet elegant look. Play with colors and designs to make your headboard a thing of art.

Background Screening
For our final headboard plan, we will need an attractive tri-fold room divider. Ikea has a wide collection of room dividers which you can browse through and make your selection; and they are inexpensive too. This headboard doesn’t really require much to do. You just need to purchase the headboard and keep it behind your bed. The only thing you should be careful about is the color of the room divider. Make sure it isn’t clashing with the bedroom color or it will look out of the place.

These were some ideas you can go over before actually selecting the headboard for your bed. Do leave a comment below to let us know how you liked the different ideas for headboards given in this article. Until next time… have fun decorating your bedroom.