Ways to Make a Shutter Headboard

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A bed paired with a comfy mattress is among the basic essentials of a bedroom. But, once you have this basic element in place, it is time to spice up the area. Well, a headboard can be the perfect addition to a simple bed, which will not only jazz up the appearance of your bed, but also add an attractive focal point to your bedroom. Headboard is one of the classic elements to make a bedroom look class apart. While there are a number of options in these, a shutter headboard is a fave of many DIY enthusiasts. Yes, adding a shutter headboard to your bed is an ‘easy to fix and fancify’ job. All you need is, basic carpentry skills to work on the material and make a simple, yet classy headboard.

Options For Making Shutter Headboards

Once you have decided to add the headboard, it is time to browse through the options available in this. You can make a headboard out of window shutters, door shutters or raw wooden shutters which are easily available in the market. Most of the home improvement stores have stock of shutter doors and windows, from which you can choose a piece for making headboard. Picking old shutter windows and doors for this purpose, from your storeroom or flea market is another idea. One of the smart ways to make a shutter headboard is using the old shutter doors or windows by cutting them to the needed size, and further sanding, priming and painting them to refinish their appearance.


Materials Required

  • Measure tape
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Sandpaper
  • Nails
  • Slotted screws
  • Wooden mounting strip
  • Adhesive mounting tape
  • Wood primer
  • Wood paint or wood stain

Taking the Measurements
The first step of this project is taking the measurements. Decide the width and height of the headboard according to your requirements. Its width must be equal to that of your bed. So you need a wide headboard for a double bed, and of course, a narrow headboard for a twin bed or a single bed. If you are grabbing old or raw shutter windows or doors, it is okay if they are slightly wider than the bed. While buying separate pieces of shutters, purchase enough pieces to span the width of your bed when fixed together.

Buying the Shutters
Once you have the measurements, visit a store that sells old shutter windows or doors to buy a piece of desired size. Windows and doors are already hinged and ready to be placed behind the bed, so you just need to work upon their appearance. When you buy new wooden shutters, check their width and accordingly decide the number of shutter pieces to be purchased to span the width of your bed. Sand the surface of shutters from all sides. If you have old shutter windows or doors, do sand them properly to remove the old paint and stains.

Joining the Shutters
Just skip this step if you have a ready shutter window or door. Else, you need to assemble the shutters to form a headboard. For doing this, place them in a line, one next to another, with the right side facing down. Buy two flat wooden mounting strips for holding the shutters together. You will need nails for fixing the mounting strip on the top and base of the shutters. The total length of the strip must be equal to the total length of shutters when placed beside each other. Opt for pre-sanded wooden mounting strips. Take the help of someone to hold the shutters in place while you nail the mounting strip on their top border. Similarly, fix the mounting strip on their base, to hold the shutters together. Consider sticking an adhesive mounting tape, vertically, where edges of two shutters meet, for securing them further.

Finishing the Headboard
Now that you have a headboard assembly ready, start working on its appearance. The assembly is sanded, so you can move on to prime it. Take a suitable wood primer to coat the headboard. Apply one or two coats of primer using a flat brush, covering each section of the shutter properly. Once the primer dries off completely, you need to paint the headboard. Remember that the right choice of paint color is very important to have a great looking headboard. Choose a color that goes well with your bedroom wall and decor color. Using a glossy or matte paint depends on the color chosen and your choice. Flashy colors look best with matte effect. Once the headboard is all decked up, install it behind your bed. A tall piece made of windows or doors can simply rest on the floor, touching the wall behind your bed. A smaller version, which is a horizontal piece, with less height can be fixed on the wall behind your bed using slotted screws.

Further, dress up your bed with a set of bed sheet and pillow covers that complements the design, color, and overall bedroom theme. Shutter headboards are best picks for rustic decor. You can customize them in various ways to have a headboard that rightly complements the rest of the bedroom furniture. So, grab the wooden shutters, explore your creativity and get set to assemble a beautiful headboard for your bed.